Saturday, 13 July 2013

one last trip to flinders

i've just got back from another trip to flinders island. that was the last of the 3 work visits we needed to make. this time we made sure we had a couple of free hours so we could have a proper look about.  we visited the west coast and made it to castle rock which was lots bigger than i had imagined it to be. i'll miss popping over's such a beautiful and interesting spot!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

flinders island

my buddy james and i spent the last few days zipping about flinders island - a small island off the north east coast of tassie. we were over there working with lots of little businesses, farmers, artists and tourism operators to help them get online and start using social media etc. we met some amazing people and saw some really amazing things. the days were crazy long and we were so so tired when we got back but i think it was well worth it. we are heading back a couple more times over the coming months so i'll be sure to share some of their stories down the track...