Wednesday, 29 February 2012

the world

i love the look of a cruise ship but in reality i don't think i like the idea of bobbing about in one for a holiday.  a floating hotel that you can't leave whenever you feel like it...hmm i'm not sure about that. 

having said that, to be honest until i moved to tassie i hadn't really thought about them much before. that has changed though - especially over this past summer. so many ships come to dock in hobart in the warmer months. huge, usually white floating hotels arrive in town and increase our small population if only for a day or two.

yesterday morning i noticed a new giant in town. she is called "the world" but this is no ordinary ship.  apparently people live on her all the time. she has 200 residents, housed in 165 apartments and the residents vote on where she will spend her days. interesting concept that takes the whole idea of cruising to another level. 

Friday, 24 February 2012

settling in....

finally, bb & i are in our new home & finally we are back online.   these last few weeks have been a crazy busy time. sorting out our new world. i am so tired and very much looking forward to the weekend. i am also really looking forward to blogging again - i've felt like something was missing these last couple of weeks. 

as i am not organised just yet i thought i would kick off by sharing a delightful video that my friend jen posted on her blog recently. i thought it was an amazing thing. i hope you do too.

Friday, 10 February 2012

little big house

photo: ben hosking
another snippet of amazing taswegian talent. the little big house by room 11 is located in fern tree, on the delightful slopes of mt wellington. it's truly stunning. oh how i would love to visit her.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

mona & wim

last weekend i went over the sea to melbourne. apart from that mini getaway - bb & i have been busy busy getting ready to move to our new spot by the water. no exciting photos to post regarding that so i thought i would share some recent snaps of my last trip to mona. i've been a number of times now and it just gets better. the wim delvoye exhibition is on until april 2012. one word...go!