Friday, 24 February 2012

settling in....

finally, bb & i are in our new home & finally we are back online.   these last few weeks have been a crazy busy time. sorting out our new world. i am so tired and very much looking forward to the weekend. i am also really looking forward to blogging again - i've felt like something was missing these last couple of weeks. 

as i am not organised just yet i thought i would kick off by sharing a delightful video that my friend jen posted on her blog recently. i thought it was an amazing thing. i hope you do too.


  1. oh my! that was AMAZING!! What a bunch of fit and trim groovers. Super scary seeing that the majority of the streetscapes and buildings look...exactly the same :-O And sad seeing how awesome the city nightlife used to be!

  2. That was brilliant! I've lived in Launceston so recognised the sites...what an amazing piece of social history. I've missed your photos Nat but that was a real treat. Hope you settle in soon we'll be doing the same in a few weeks.