Saturday, 23 June 2012

friends, wine & cheese

last night bb & i had a lovely time at the hill street wine and cheese club. i always love a trip to the hill street grocer but this was a real treat. 

we learnt about some amazing cheeses and tassie wines and got to share the experience with some delightful locals...

and to top it all off - after many many months of online chatter it was so so lovely to finally meet kate from the apple aisle. a truly lovely lady...


  1. I love the picture right in between the apples and olives. <3

  2. Mouth watering pics, I love the combination of bear and cheese. In our last trip to cradle huts bay of fires we got a chance to taste the local made wine. I will never forget the taste of wine at Tasmania.


  3. Sounds great! I visit the Hill St store every time we visit Hobart.
    Lucky you.