Monday, 29 October 2012

a weekend project

over a year ago i bought this cable spool to use at the twigs as an outdoor table. since we moved into hobart it has sat under a tarp waiting to see the sun. then a couple of months ago i saw a pair of rusty chairs at the tip shop for $1 each.

i thought they would look sweet with the cable table so my lovely husband spent a couple of hours sanding them back for me (thank you x).

yesterday, the weather was perfect for painting so i got to work to finish them off and i'm quite happy with the result.

i used some washi tape i already had to cover the legs and armrests of the chairs & as soon as my new order arrives (i ran out after one chair) i will finish the other one so we can sit in the sun together.


  1. Those chairs look like the ones that would cost a fortune!! Good effort! They look great!

  2. I love your table and chairs - what a great way to recycle!!

  3. Oh so lovely to have found you, Nat. What a lovely blog you have. Love the name and LOVE where you live. Tassie is a dream place. I could live there in a heart beat {if only the rest of my fmaily would venture down too}. The cable table looks fantastic. Love the washi tape arms on the chairs too. I'll be back. If you had a followers button I'd definitely be a follower:) I'll be adding you to my blogroll:) x

    1. hi kim, thanks so much for your lovely comments. i have had a peek at your blog today - its lovely. hope to chat again.. nat x

  4. Hi Nat! I have just stumbled across your blog and I love, love, love! I visited Tassie early last year for the first time and had the BEST holiday of my life. I dream about Tassie often and hope one day to move there. So I am very jealous!! You're photos are just stunning and what a fantastic idea to reuse the spool as a table. x