Thursday, 17 November 2011


it has been a week of extremely varied musical events for me. after the festival on the weekend i saw dolly parton in concert on tuesday night.

i can hardly find the words to describe her show. she was so very very fabulous. she spent a lot of time talking about her upbringing in the smokey mountains. during the show images of tennessee were shown on the giant screens behind her, it really reminded me of the twigs. 

i had no idea how many instruments she played including some i had never even seen before. my favourite moment was when she sang little sparrow. the entire stadium was so quiet - mesmerized for the whole song. i will never forget it.

i so want to take banjo lessons now...


  1. Dolly! Love Dolly. Funny story.. I grew up next door to her and was friends with her niece so at five years old I came home exclaiming to my mom,"Her bra cup fit over my ENTIRE head!!!!" I got to explore her closet full of mannequin heads supporting her wigs and sequined outfits that no joke were at least 20 lbs. (It was a pretty charmed life for a young girl!) Like I said, LOVE DOLLY. She is seriously terrific.

  2. JULIE!!!...this is the greatest thing ever. what an amazing amazing memory! thanks so much for sharing this - its made my day!