Tuesday, 22 November 2011

the kids

bb & i spent last saturday evening with toggle and lizzie. two delightful baby goats who have been lucky enough to end up living at our friend's lovely little farm.

mabel met them too. she was a bit unsure what they were all about and soon learnt that these 'puppies' had horns and hooves and knew how to use them. it was all good though once they had worked out their differences they became firm friends.

just as well, i can't wait to visit them again!


  1. Soooo cute! Can I have one? Um no... don't really have the time for livestock. When we first arrived in Tas, Baerli and the neighbour's goat spent hours staring and wagging tails at each other across the road, it was mutual fascination.

  2. they are so very cute, aren't they! i loved watching mabel with them...once the barking and craziness subsided.. :)

  3. Oh lovely photos Miss Nat!Can l steal them for my blog??You have captured their cheekiness perfectly!!!! xx

  4. glad you like them dan! of course you can use the pics...they are your kidlets! xxx