Wednesday, 14 December 2011


last week i was walking through hobart when i noticed this digging going on at the site of the old hobart myer building. how exciting. i love this sort of thing - it makes me think about the way hobart used to be. arctas have done some amazing archaeological work in tassie, i wonder what they will find this time.  

speaking of history bits; i watched "who's been sleeping in my house" on abc last week. the episode was about a house in battery point. i thought it was fascinating. it will be on iview for a little while longer so there is still come to catch it.


  1. I always wants to be an archaeologist when I grew up. I guess its a once in a lifetime opportunity to find those treasures. It will also be good to see that hole in the city gone.

  2. it would be such an amazing job wouldn't it.. i've never know hobart without the hole... i not sure i can imagine a shiny new building standing there. xo

  3. I love who's been sleeping in my house and the battery point story was extra special. I think they have another Tasmanian property next week. I love knowing the spirit and energy or some might argue spirits of people past stay within the walls of of our homes.