Thursday, 22 December 2011

summer holidays...

i am getting so excited about the summer holidays. bb & i have lots of lovely friends coming to stay over the next couple of months. some have visited us on the island before but a few have never been here. how exciting! over the last 18 months i have really grown to love this little state. it is such a beautiful place to live and visit. i can't wait to share it with our friends. 

on the topic of travelling around tassie...a good friend of mine has been involved with a new tasmanian travel magazine. it's called tasmania enjoy and it comes out twice a year. the photos are really amazing and the first issue gives a really good look into what's happening statewide for the first half of next year. it will be very handy when our visitors arrive!


  1. Oh, I love that shot of the beach towel and your red toenails! Just had the shortest day here and am can't wait to get back to summer!

  2. i hope you had a brilliant christmas and new years pauline... tassie has had some amazing weather the last week or so. i hope you get back in time to enjoy it! :)