Wednesday, 14 March 2012

crazy march...

it's been 3 weeks since the big move and bb & i are loving living in our new spot. it was so great to spend some time at home over the weekend as the rest of march has been and will be really busy for both of us. i've spent some time in the north of the state and we both visited regional victoria for a wonderful wedding...but that's not the end of the travel for us.

we will be off to melbourne for two more weddings this month. that is a whole lot of love! as well as that i am staying in melbourne for a seminar which i am really looking forward to. until then my little blog will be suffering. i look forward to returning to my 'normal' routine soon...


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    1. alas the red doors belong to many a home in our new hood, but not ours... our place is getting painted next month so i am holding off on any photos. anyway dan, hope all is lovely in your land. see you soon and lots of love x