Tuesday, 6 March 2012

eating/coffee spot - shoebox cafe

shoebox cafe is a gorgeous little spot that bb & i have been frequenting of late - it's only open on weekdays but that makes for a great reason to get up early. i love all their tasty treats but their egg & bacon roll with beetroot relish is especially delightful!


  1. Aw, will have to check out this little gem next time I'm in Hobart in a few weeks time. Was lovely to (very briefly!) meet you today. I knew I'd been to your blog before when you mentioned the name. Will have to have a proper little meet up sometime. Hope you enjoyed your day in Launceston.

    1. hi bianca, it was so lovely to meet you too! i would love to have a proper chat sometime...i had a beautiful day in lovely launie - it is such a beautiful spot! chat soon..

  2. I went there on Monday and the coffee was delicious! Hope Sandy Bay is treating you well and you're not missing the Huon too much. x

  3. isn't it great - i really like it there! sb is wonderful... i do miss the huon though, we will just have to visit lots to get our fix of the twigs. x

  4. Hi Nat.
    What a lovely photo you've taken - you must be very talented!
    As soon as you said your fav. is Egg & Bacon pide, I knew exactly who you are!
    Thanks for such a positive comments that make us encouraging what we are doing.
    You are def. in a good hand - I love huonville, esp. Lucaston, franklin, etc.
    Hope to see you soon at shoebox!

    Sammi from SB

  5. thanks sammi! its true though - you have some amazing treats that can't be beaten! :)