Thursday, 28 February 2013

in memory...

over the past few months i have watched some works happening at a spot not too far from our home. today when i walked by i got to have a proper look at what had appeared in this little space. it seems the area used to be part of st george's church and was used as a burial ground from 1846 to 1872.

in 1928 the area was cleared and a school and homes were built there. over the years excavations and works have uncovered headstones and other pieces from the site. a beautiful monument now stands in this little park made from all the pieces found there.  i think it's quite lovely.


  1. That's lovely. I love those gabion walls to start with, and so lovely with the headstones and other items in there. Must visit for a look.

    1. definitely worth a peek susan - it's beautifully done :)