Tuesday, 6 September 2011


i bought this amazing old sign from a huon valley second-hand shop. i am in love with it. bb might need a little more convincing but for now it has scored pride of place in our lounge room.

i had never heard of haywoods before but it seems they were a big deal back in the day. after a little searching i found out that charles haywood opened the haywood factory in hobart in the 1870s and by 1931 haywood's was the largest biscuit factory in tassie.

it later became swallow-haywoods and they made 'tassie creams' - a biscuit decorated with a map of tasmania..i wish they were still about now! swallow-haywoods shut down in the 1950's so my sign must be at least 60 years old. amazing.

machine filling biscuits with cream:
state library of tasmania
haywood biscuit factory:
state library of tasmania


  1. Charles Haywood was my great grabdfather. My grandmother is in the ad you spoke of seated on the lawn in front of the car. my brother and I are activley seaking all items from the era. 99% of memorabillia was lost when the factory burnt down after the takleover by swallow's.

  2. My uncle max hanson born 1922-2006 did his baker apprenticeship at haywoods and he met his late wife june pelham there she also died in 2006

    After his apprenticeship he had a bakery at parattah in 1953 and then a few years late bought the cygnet service bakery and store in mary street. The woods famiy bought it in the 70.s and max retired and went to live at snug. He later in 2004 moved to kingston.i remember he had lots of posters and memorabillia which j think his familu gave to the salvos at kingston

  3. My dad worked there before WW2. Left and joined the RAF. Swallow and Ariel (Melbourne) took them over before 1954. They built a new factory at Glenorchy. In the end economics won the day and the factory closed there. Great sign. Don't ever sell it, unless it stays in Tassie and with a public institution, please. My dad went on to be Bakehouse Manager for Mackintosh Caley Phoenix in Dunedin NZ. possumpaul@outlook.com