Monday, 5 September 2011

roller derby

on saturday some friends, bb & i finally got to see some local roller derby. it was great fun! it was a "bout" (i think that is the right terminology) between the scriminals and the pick pocket rockets - both teams are part of the convict city rollers.

it was a super tight result with the pocket rockets coming out on top by one tiny point! the next inter-league bout between the convict city rollers vs van diemen rollers is on the 8th october in hobart.


  1. I only found out about this yesterday after it was on and am now dying to go to a 'bout'!
    I've wanted to go to roller derby ever since I saw the movie, Whip It.

    Hopefully get to the next one...we seem to keep missing each other! x

  2. Wow that looks so cool, had no idea it was even happening..and in Hobart too!! Will def check it out, make a good girls nite out..

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  4. it's well worth a look...we had a lovely time! i just realised i'm in melbourne for the next one but i will definitely keen to go to the one after that. x

  5. Glad you made it Nat, I'll be going to the bout next month! :)