Friday, 16 September 2011

shopping spot - fullers bookshop

i love fullers bookshop in hobart. the books and other treats on offer are fabulous and the cafe up the back is just lovely too. i love the "feeling" of the shop. i mainly visit during my lunch break and its always busy but never noisy. it just all hums along nicely. 

yesterdays visit resulted in my purchasing a copy of the new book: design sponge at home. super exciting! it will make for some perfect weekend reading.

and excitingly, at the moment a string of my friend jen's gorgeous dishpig tea towels are hanging in the window! a hobart version takes pride of place in our pit-stop.

now we just need a huon valley one for the twigs...(hint hint jen!).


  1. I saw the DishPig tea towels the other day - they are fab and yes, we need a Huonville version.
    Happy reading. Design Sponge looks lovely.

  2. skweee! you are so utterly gorgeous! jen x