Tuesday, 13 September 2011

keens curry

the keens curry sign in south hobart has been on the foothills of mt wellington for over 100 years.  joseph keen created the iconic curry powder in the 1860's and sold it from a small store in kingston.

in the early 1900's horace watson (keen's son-in-law) bought the land where the sign still stands. there was public outrage when horace collected rocks from the site, painted them white and created a sign to advertise the curry powder.

its not quite as glamorous as the hollywood sign but i think its lovely that it is still there all these years later.



  1. I didn't know that - thanks for telling the story. I shall think of it whenever I see the orange tin of Keen's curry powder in my pantry!

  2. No way, I had no idea it was there!!

  3. now you know you won't be able to miss it!