Thursday, 12 January 2012

another trip to the red velvet lounge

i am starting to see a theme emerge now i am finally going through my holiday photos – it was all about the foodie bits! i guess it's inevitable though, tassie has such amazing produce, especially in summer. 

as my lovely buddy was visiting from queensland i really wanted to take her to my favourite eating spot in the valley so we made the trip to cygnet and spent an afternoon stuffing ourselves silly at the red velvet lounge.

it’s always amazing there and this visit was no exception. it was mid-afternoon when we stopped in so lots of little plates were in order. i’ve mostly been to the rvl in winter – it is always so cosy and the perfect spot to stay warm and enjoy an amazing soup or something similar.

this day was different, it was hot – probably one of the hottest days i’ve had in the twigs. the fans were whirling away overhead and the restaurant had a tropical feel to it. it was really a lovely afternoon and i can’t wait to head back super soon.


  1. what a funky looking place nat. i have my eye on that red chair. sounds like a lovely time spent. xo

  2. Oh I loooove red velvet lounge. You captured it beautifully with these pics :-)

  3. Looks like a gorgeous place- love the interior. I really want to go to cygnet now :D