Wednesday, 18 January 2012


markree on hampden road in hobart is a gorgeous house built in 1926 that is now a lovely museum and garden. i love this sort of thing - it's such a great way of visiting the past. last saturday morning bb & i did just that.

we spent the morning in the world of henry baldwin. a generous man who left his whole house and contents to the very lucky tasmanian museum and art gallery. he has left everything you can imagine - from his mothers glorious hats, pottery, furniture, art  & a divine collection of tin toys mostly from the 1920s (i loved these!)

the museum is a total treasure. get along if you can...


  1. Nat, I am having a restful day today and I have discovered your blog and read every single post back to your first! It's gorgeous. I love your glimpses into Tasmanian life, your furbabies, and the food and street art. Wishing you a happy new year and am excited to see you future posts.

  2. I love Markree. I lived next door in Henry's other house for 3 years and shared the beautiful garden. Henry was a sweet, sweet man. A gentleman in every sense of the word. I remember when he would come to visit me I would hear the gate open and close, and when I looked out the window I would see Henry combing his hair before he knocked on my door. So sweet.

  3. this is such a gorgeous story. thanks so much for sharing it - i am glad to know he was as sweet as i had imagined he would be...