Tuesday, 10 January 2012

bruny treats

another bruny post today - i wanted to share some of the tasty treats that we found on the island. we ate more than our fair share of amazing bits. we visited a berry farm, the bruny cheese company, a lovely winery as well as a great smoke house although my favourite had to be get shucked oysters... i've had these before but not shucked right there whilst i waited! so so good. all in all it wasn't a bad effort for a few hours exploring.


  1. OMGEEEE that is the best looking pizza and icecream combo I've ever seen.

  2. yep - they were both pretty tasty!

  3. We missed out on visiting Bruny Island when we holidayed in Tasmania a couple of years ago. Maybe it's one of the excuses I can use to convince my hubby to go back again. That food looks delicious.