Tuesday, 3 January 2012

falls festival

bb & i went to the falls festival at marion bay to see in the new year. i'm not a huge fan of camping but music festivals are his very favourite thing so off we went and i have to say it was a great 3 days. the weather was perfect and so was the company. we saw some awesome bands. my highlight was definitely the naked & famous - amazing! i also really enjoyed a performance in the arts village by the A4 circus ensemble. it was the perfect way to spend our holiday together.


  1. Looked fantastic..the closest I came to it was in a lift with three 20 something boys booking into a 5 star luxury hotel.."Excuse us if we smell," said one to me. I was confused at this unexpected comment, they did seem a bit outta place with camping gear. "We've just come from the Falls festival and had a wild time," said another. It was a really short funny encounter..

  2. i can relate! 3 days of jumping about in the sun without a shower... eew! i hope you had a great christmas and new years ali. hope to see you soon x