Sunday, 26 June 2011

grocer john

this is john's. he is our friendly grocer. i love visiting this shop. the shelves are always so neatly stacked and it feels like you've gone back in time. there is something so very humble about it.


  1. I know this shop! I've been in once and loved the nostalgia of it, the lollies in jars behind the counter.
    I have just moved to the Huon from Brisbane a couple of months ago and am excited at the crafty and foodie bloggers from the area I am finding on the interweb. Your blog is lovely, I'll be back :)

  2. hi sara, welcome to the huon...i hope you aren't too cold - it must feel super fresh after coming from qld! i have just had a look at your blog - its lovely! hope to chat to you again! nat :)

  3. Nat, yes the winds are a bit on the fresh side! I'm enjoying the weather, can't wait to see snow for the first time :)