Friday, 10 June 2011

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty is the name of a beautiful mountain that sits high above the huon valley.  she lies facing the sun, snow, wind and rain all the while looking lovelyits nice to know she is always there watching over us.

snow on her nose 

a very faint sleeping beauty - 1900
(state library of tasmania)


  1. Hi Nat, thank you for reading my blogs! I have just read yours - they are great - I love the photo's you take and the way they look on your blog - I wish I knew how to do that. Your house is just gorgeous! If you are ever up in Launceston please call in to the shop and say hello. Cathy

  2. I'm with Cathy..I just can't get enough of your wild photo's Nat. I don't think my point & press camera is up to such visual delights..Keep up the good work!!

  3. I love how Sleeping Beauty looks different every time you see her... with sun behind, ominous clouds or a dusting of snow, she makes the drive through Huonville to Hobart different every time!