Tuesday, 7 June 2011


the photo above is of a postcard i bought in secondhand shop in tassie. i was visiting on holidays and i had no idea i would end up living here at the time. i kept the card - i loved the tram and the quaint city streets. 

i recently read that trams ran in hobart for 67 years. they started in 1893. apparently there was a horrible accident in 1960 that took the life of a conductor. he was very brave and managed to save the life of over 40 of his passengers, but that incident seemed to bring an end to the network on the island.
image via ookaboo

how amazing are the photos below of the original double decker trams from the 1890's. can you imagine how cold it would have been on the (open!) top level during a long hobart winter. i shudder at the thought...

both images above obtained from UTAS library
special & rare materials collection

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