Monday, 6 June 2011

winter warmer

i spent the weekend in the sun, far far away from the twigs. two friends and i flew to brisbane from different bits of the country to visit another favourite friend who has recently moved up north. we ate lots, we sipped lots & we shopped lots. it was glorious!

we also saw kylie minogue in concert. i don't know what it is about kylie but i am a total fan. i feel like she has always been a part of my world. i first saw her in concert when i was about 13 - i'm 35 now so our relationship is well established. i don't have her poster on my bedroom wall anymore but i still hold her close to my heart.

i had a spectacular weekend with my precious friends but i felt very warm inside when the plane landed on this funny little island i now call home. there is nothing like a mabel greeting when i haven't seen her for a few days.

mango smoothie
anchovie toast from cup
fabulous roof of the pac
pavlova cocktail amazingness 
city chickens
heading home


  1. Ah sounds wonderful, I love West end & am heading up that way in deep winter for a catchup with two special friends too..I didn't know about Pac, looks dangerously interesting..Saw the promo for Kylie's concert..looked lavish!!!

  2. it was so very wonderful although you are smart to plan a trip in the depths of winter...i think i peaked too early! the pac place was amazing - although they didn't ship to tas...which was probably a good thing! :)