Tuesday, 5 July 2011

7 things

i was sent a sweet message yesterday from the delightful small catalogue. i was asked to share 7 things and link to 7 blogs. how lovely. so here are 7 tasmanian blogs that i regularly admire and 7 silly things about me.

one. since moving to the twigs i have started collecting souvenir spoons. it began when i found the most amazing tassie shaped "spoon holder" at a garage sale. a super exciting find. as you can see i still have some slots to fill. all in good time.

two. tattoos. one day bb showed me a lovely book his dad had given him. it was called mira calligraphiae monumenta. it got me thinking and i became really fascinated by these gorgeous botanical illustrations. a few months later i met a wonderful tattoo artist named hana tek. i showed her the book and a few chats later i took the plunge. all up it took her about 23 hours over 7 sessions. my mum was really angry even though i was 33 at the time. (i love you mum x).

threerollercoasters. years ago i saw an email about this amazing rollercoaster in ohio. i was completely mesmerised by it. a couple of years after that i took a trip and i got to ride it. amazing. i also went on the ride below which is in las vegas. it's called insanity. if you ever get the chance, do it! it was so so so much fun.

photo from here

fourkenny rogers & dolly parton. i love them.  when i was 10 my family went to see mr rogers in concert. ever since i have listened to both of them. i have no explanation other than they make me smile.  i’m also very excited that i'm heading to sydney in november to see the little lady perform. 132 sleeps and counting.  

five. dogs. i stumbled across this blog the other day and i thought "am i a crazy dog lady?". probably, but that's ok.

whippet t-shirt
whippet bits about our home
sixhair colour. i change mine a lot.

seven. vietnamese pork rolls are my all time favourite food. you can't get them in the twigs, well, if you can i am yet to find them. my lovely friend polly made bb & i the feast below. our very own pork roll buffet. it was a very good day.


  1. I think you are impressively brave to go on that rollercoaster! I have a vertiginous fear of heights. I LOVE your tattoos!

  2. Such a lovely post. That is a cracking ride in Las Vegas, if I ever get there I'll be on it for sure. And now I know who all those Dolly ads currently on TV are targeting - it's YOU :-)

  3. Thanks for linking to me, but my 7 things might be a little lame in comparison! Will put a post up very soon! Althoughvwe have at least one in common, dogs!

  4. So happy to be able to play along.

  5. Thanks for the mention, Nat!

    Loved this post and we have two in common; dogs and changing of hair colour (haven't been brave enough to get a tatt yet).

    My dog is the light of my life and I can hardly remember not having her around (she's currently asleep under my desk).