Thursday, 14 July 2011

tiny folk

i was recently browsing the web when i saw these little delights. they reminded me that when we lived in melbourne we used to share our house with some very tiny people. i'm not sure who put them there but they lived in the old brick wall that surrounded our washing line. i used to love their little faces looking back at me when i was hanging out the sheets.

tiny folk - fitzroy, vic
i recently found some more teeny folk to join us in the twigs. they are hidden in the brick-work above our fireplace. i hope they are as happy here as we are.

teeny teeny folk - huon valley, tas


  1. What an awesome idea! Like having your own Beatrix Potter-esqe friends but without having to have the mice.

  2. ooo i haven't thought about beatrix for years! i think i could be swayed to befriend a mouse if he was wearing one of those little waistcoats. how sweet :)

  3. Love 'em. Though if they were mine I'd probably go overboard and come over all obsessed about making minuscule tea sets and slippers and whatnot. I'm guessing the slippers would be difficult.