Thursday, 21 July 2011


i feel i have been neglecting my little blog lately. i have been busy busy and have not been able to access the interwebs for the last little while.

i do have a good reason though. over the past few months bb & i have been hatching a plan...and its finally come together!

bb & i love love love our little home in the twigs but we decided a while ago that we needed an iddy biddy place in hobart. somewhere teeny we could occasionally spend the night and have a bit more flexibility to take advantage of all that hobart has to offer.

so after lots of searching, scrubbing, painting, moving bits (boo) and decorating (yay) we have spent our first night in the city in our very own pit-stop.

the plan is that we will have a mini home away from home for when the weather is too horrid to drive over the mountain, or we want to eat out (yippee) or see a movie or a play...or take part in any other number of spontaneous urban activities.

we feel really grateful that we have been able to do this. we are so excited to explore our new neighbourhood as well as truly appreciate the time we get to spend in the twigs. hopefully it will be the best of both our tassie worlds.


  1. I love this idea Nat! We don't find ourselves going out in Hobart nearly as much as we would if we lived there but we also wouldn't give up living in a rural area.

    Definitely best of both worlds and I hope it's fantastic for you!

  2. How fantastic, congrats..we have considered doing the same as I miss wandering on foot or seeing gigs or plays.
    I thinks our lifestyle still needs some tweeking!!!