Monday, 4 July 2011

eating spot - red velvet lounge

bb & i took a drive to cygnet yesterday. we had a craving for a super tasty breakfast so we headed to the red velvet lounge. we had mabel with us so we sat outside. mabel sniffed and explored whilst we nibbled away. such a lovely place in a lovely little town. a perfect way to spend a sunday morning.


  1. Look at that divine aqua table!

    I've left you a seven things game whatsit on my blog. Please don't feel as though you have to play along - especially if it isn't your think. Just take it as a compliment on your wonderfulness!

  2. I love Red Velvet Lounge! Have only been there for lunch and dinner though so will have to give it a try for brekky.

    We took our pup there too a while back and she loved hanging out and getting patted by everyone who walked past, it'a fair to say she's an attention seeker!

  3. It looks great - will have to try it when we get down there next!