Thursday, 7 July 2011

the flower room

two of the sweetest spots in hobart are the flower room and the CWL shop. the history of the flower room is really lovely - 2 hobart sisters started the shop in 1944 as a way of helping the war effort and its still going strong today. i really adore the lovely ladies who work in these tiny spaces. they are so very helpful and proud of the treats they offer. their prices are ridiculously low...but they won't hear of charging any more.  

booties & beanies
crochet blankets
tea cosy heaven
flowers, fruit, jam


  1. Super Cool, didn't know about The Flower Room- We crashed the CWA in Elizabeth st yesterday, for a handknitted gorgeous beini!!!

  2. The Flower Room sounds like my kind of space

  3. Your father first had pickled walnuts from here and has been hooked on them ever since...Our wedding cake came from the CWA .

  4. I love the flower room and hope to go there when I'm in Hobart in January (2013). Do you know if it's still there? It used to be in Liverpool st. Has it moved?

    1. It has moved, it is now in the little square behind Mathers Lane (easiest access is off Bathurst St, behind the library). They have a beautiful new space, I can see it out my office window, and will be down there later today to buy some of their beautiful flowers.