Tuesday, 9 August 2011

before & after

st johns, goulburn st, hobart 1878
tasmanian archive & heritage office
exploring our new hobart neighbourhood has meant lots of new walks for bb & i. the old houses, shopfronts and churches are really beautiful and don't appear to look that different from the photos of over one hundred years ago. st john's on goulburn street is a perfect example. i love the photo above. this hobart street looks gorgeous but somehow not as steep as it does now. 
st johns, goulburn st, hobart 2011


  1. I walk up and down here to get to work and home and I wish it was a little bit like the first picture sometimes (not as steep!) : ) I love all those old archives pictures, I worked there for a little while and got to index someone's holiday snaps from 1920 and I think they visited every possible church in Tasmania. There are a lot!

  2. oh wow, what a great job catherine! i would have taken forever to finish the indexing...i could stare at old photos for hours on end :)