Wednesday, 17 August 2011

eating spot - ginger brown

as i mentioned recently, bb & i are really enjoying exploring hobart now that we are spending a bit more time in town. its lovely driving about looking at the sweet little houses & shops and occasionally stumbling upon something fabulous. this is how we came across a lovely spot in south hobart called ginger brown. the coffee was great as was our lunch. we will be visiting them again soon i'm sure.

hearty lamb soup and dumplings


  1. looks great! another cafe on my list to try...

  2. it really was sweet and very tasty... definitely give it a go :)

  3. lovey setting loved the bacon and cuchney it was the best never tried it with bacon staff are friendley towards the costomers lovey outside the cafe only a step to the shop ha ha :) :) :) hannah white
    hobart :)

  4. Where is it? Sounds worth a visit!