Tuesday, 30 August 2011


last weekend bb & i got around to swapping our little house about. there is a lovely sunny room at the front of the house that we thought would make a great bedroom, plus it has built-in wardrobes! something no other room in our house has. whilst we were at it we moved some other rooms about too. there is still some tweaking to be done but here is a peek so far.

front room before
& after
& again...
our bedroom before
& after...
living/dining after the shuffle

small changes in the spare bedroom


  1. Your home is so sweet. I love swapping and moving the furniture. I get itchy about it all the time. It's like a fresh beginning. Have a great day.

  2. I remember seeing your house on the internet when it was for sale. I can't believe how different it looks noe. You've turned it into an amazingly gorgeous home. I totally love it!


  3. oh thank you - that's lovely of you...we have had a great time making our little house a home...there is still more to do but we totally love it too. xo

  4. ok - where did you get the tyre tube swan?

  5. a friend gave it to us...she bought it on ebay and her husband wasn't keen on it so we got lucky (well i think we did...i know its not everyones thing) :)