Sunday, 22 May 2011

i ♥ tassie


a quick look around our house and i think i may have developed a  bit of a problem. i seem to be obsessed with tasmania.  everywhere i look is a kitsch tassie 'something'. i think the combination of my love of kitsch-ness, collecting things and our new found home have created a monster. to give you an idea of what i mean, here is a snapshot of some bits i have gathered since our move.

textbook from the chapel st bazaar 
teatowels and spoons galore
cushion from etsy
vintage map from new norfolk


  1. Wicked I love it, Tassie retro knick knacks seems to jump out at me too & I must confess I have a kitsch t-towel fetish, althou my interstate friends rarely see the funny side of my preses!!

  2. i am hoarding the tea towels for myself! i don't think they'd be well received by our friends either :)