Saturday, 14 May 2011

masaaki's sushi

this is masaakihe makes some seriously amazing sushi, not to mention he is a lovely lovely man.  bb and i stumbled across his teeny shop in geeveston the day we found our little house. we couldn't believe our luck. you can find him most sundays at the tas farm gate market

my first ever plate of masaaki magic
there have been many many since


  1. Oh, you didn't take me here...I guess I'll have to come back!

  2. We love Masaaki' sushi ever..have you tried the Lotus eaters cafe at Cygnet, yet? It rocks too!!!

  3. i have only had a coffee there but it is definitely on my list of still to try lunch spots!

  4. So this is the famous place you talked about in Ubud! must take us there when we come down for a visit... :)

  5. The famous sushi! We have to come down and try it...looks amazing, Nat xx