Tuesday, 24 May 2011

mabel goes to school

when you live in the twigs and work 50kms away it can be a long, cold and lonely day for a whippet baby to wait for her parents to return home.  that's why mabel goes to 'school'. when she first came to live with us she used to spend the day at a kennel in lower longley. lovely leanne was fabulous and mabes still stays with her if we go away overnight. more recently she has been attending club canine in hobart. bb & i find a lot of comfort in the fact she is spending her days with other puppies in a safe, warm and fun environment - plus she loves it.
driving home


  1. OMG-that's so cool!! Been wondering about the Lower Longley kennels, haven't had any feedback on them, until now-sounds like you would recommend them??? Pretty fussy about where I leave Zuki!!Club Canine sounds like a wicked option for dog free day in Hobart, Zuki hates being dragged around all day while we shop..
    Thanks for the great info:)

  2. i would completely recommend the kennels at lower longley - Leanne and Steve who run them are amazing and treat Mabel like she is their own. Club Canine are also fabulous - and they groom puppies too. if that is something Zuki needs doing... you could shop and pick up a shiny new furbaby at the end of the day! :)